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MY New Moon Yoga Nidra


Are you ready to bliss your brain out with the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra? Join us to embrace the energy of the new moon with this restorative practice.

Translated as "divine sleep," this guided workshop focuses on systematically relaxing the body while the mind enters a state of deep, meditative awareness - like dreaming while fully awake. Accessible to anyone, during this hour-long practice, you will be gently guided into a state that has the potential to rewire your brain, create deep emotional and physical healing, and foster greater self-exploration and discovery.

Did you know that...

  • 1 hour of yoga nidra equals 4 hours of deep restorative sleep
  • It increases dopamine production (the "feel good" hormone) up to 65%
  • It's been shown to lower anxiety, depression, back pain, insomnia, and more

If you feel like you are often stressed, your body is stuck in fight-or-flight or you've always wanted to try an accessible form of meditation, then join us to (re)tap into your parasympathetic, "rest and digest" state with this practice. You'll reset your body, reset your mind and head into May in a relaxed and refreshed state. 80 degrees.

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