Flow with your breath, release tight muscles, and find the power of body, mind, and soul in this creative sequence of movement.
Heated 100°-105°


Find the power of body, mind, and soul in this creative sequence of movement focused on alignment and set to a slower pace. This class is for beginners or for anyone new to the hot room.
Heated 80°-90°


Feel the beat, strengthen muscles, and improve core to achieve a full body workout through cardio and optional free weights.
Heated 100°-105°


Connect to the center of your strength with this intentional combination of challenging mat-based core work and the movement of the MY hot flow.
Heated 100°-105°

MY freeflow

A unique vinyasa-based flow experience with breath being the primary focus. Vinyasa means to link your breath with your body, creating rhythmic movement. These heated classes will inspire you to take ownership of your practice and you will have the opportunity to take your movement on your own.
Heated 104°

MY unwind

The most glorious wind-down imaginable. We start with 40 minutes of Yin postures (long slow stretches) to prepare your body for 20 minutes of Pranayama (guided breath work) to tone your mind for a guided meditation or yoga nidra (full body yogic rest). Ahhhh… FULL SYSTEM REBOOT.
Heated 85°